NGObrowser offers unlimited fundraising potential for NGO’s by converting the daily web search activities of members and supporters into free donations. Donors simply search the web as usual and generate donations for your good cause with their search queries. There is no cost to the donor, or to your NGO, non-profit organization, school, sports-club, or charity. The average donation generated by a single user is approximately $50 per year.


We keep user privacy and security as core principles in how we do search-business. We do not store any user data permanently or create any linked user profiles. Users are allowed to delete their search history and we encrypt user data. We do not use any 3rd party tracking tools or sell any data to any advertisers.


In cooperation with Microsoft Bing, NGObrowser's innovation in modern technology allows organizations to raise funds in a completely new and revolutionary manner. This is made possible through your own branded search-engine and browser extension which easily incorporates your corporate identity. We've made it possible for global organizations of all sizes to provide their online users with a powerful, free search solution to continuously raise funds for a better world!

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