EJMR, an online forum known as a critical resource for economics professionals and those interested in pursuing careers in the field, has become a powerhouse of information-sharing. As with most sectors of academia – particularly within the realm of economics – knowledge is paramount when navigating career prospects or staying up-to-date on industry trends.

What is EconJobRumors

EconJobRumors is a digital platform dedicated to discussions about the economics academic job market. Established in 2006, it has expanded into a thriving community with international members who participate actively. The topics range from rumours concerning employment opportunities and salaries to PhD programs, as well as deliberations on the distinctions between finance and economics.

At Econjobrumors, individuals converse about finance-related job speculations and personal encounters, encompassing topics such as remuneration packages, labour market climate, and doctoral programs including the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business.

The discussion platform focuses on the correlation between finance and economics, deliberating whether finance is a subdiscipline of economics as well as the contrast between professions in finance and economics.

Within the forum, one can engage in discussions and provide reviews on various academic finance journals such as Journal of Financial Economics (JFE), Review of Finance, and Journal of Finance (JF).

Key Features of EconJobRumors

Job Market Discussions

A key purpose of EconJobRumors is to exchange information regarding employment opportunities in academia, government agencies and private companies. Members frequently share recent job postings they have found along with scrutinizing particulars such as deadlines for applications, necessary qualifications and potential compensation scales.

Salary Discussions

The topic of salaries frequently comes up on EconJobRumors where users exchange and evaluate salary details associated with different economics jobs, providing vital perspectives on compensation arrangements and customary practices in the industry.

Interviews Insights

When it comes to job interviews, users often share their personal accounts detailing the interview procedures and types of questions asked. By sharing their impressions with others, this information can assist in preparing for future interviews and providing a better understanding of what to expect.

Workplace Reviews

EconJobRumors offers workplace reviews for universities, research institutions, and government agencies. Posts from users detail first-hand job experiences to give insights on various factors including workplace culture and satisfaction levels.


How to Use EconJobRumors

Users have two options to begin using EconJobRumors: they can create an account or access the forum as a guest. After logging in, users may peruse various forums and subforums, read pre-existing threads, initiate new conversations. Adhering to posting standards and manners is key for cultivating productive interactions with respect from others on the platform.

How to Login to EconJobRumors

Based on the information from the search results, these steps can be followed to log in to EconJobRumors:

  •       To access the EconJobRumors login page, go to https://www.econjobrumors.com/bb-login.php.
  •       Type in your username and password on the login page as prescribed fields are available.
  •       To recover your forgotten password, simply utilize the “Password Recovery” option available on the login screen and provide your username as identification.

EconJobRumors Advantages

  •       EconJobRumors grants users access to exclusive information and valuable insights that may not be obtainable elsewhere, enabling them to stay up-to-date with the newest advancements in their field.
  •       By networking with fellow economists, PhD students and industry professionals, users can broaden their professional connections and gain access to potential career prospects.
  •       Keeping ahead of Job Market Trends in Real-Time. Staying tuned to the conversations on EconJobRumors lets users stay abreast with current trends in academic job hiring. This includes information on universities that are recruiting, sought-after candidate qualifications and other related updates.

Criticism and Controversies

EconJobRumors, despite being widely used, has been questioned regarding its moderation practices and the occurrence of offensive and harmful postings. The platform’s anonymous nature has led to incidents involving discrimination, harassment, and sexism that have raised concerns about ethical responsibilities concerning users’ well-being.


EconJobRumors is an essential aid to economists and individuals who aspire for a career in economics as it provides informative access, networking chances, and insightful inputs. One may fully exploit the potentials of this platform by exhibiting responsible navigation skills while scrutinizing information with analytical prudence. This tool can effectively promote industry knowledge acquisition coupled with vigorous personal growth directed towards one’s economic profession goals.


Are only finance professionals allowed to use EconJobRumors platform?

All individuals who have an interest in economics and finance, including students, researchers, academics, and professionals of all backgrounds are welcome on EconJobRumors.

Is anonymity ensured in the discussions on EconJobRumors?

Users are able to post anonymously, enabling them to participate in frank conversations without disclosing their identity.

How to create an account on EconJobRumors?

To create a free account on EconJobRumors website, click either the “Sign Up” or “Register” button and follow the prompts to finish registering.

Is it possible for me to post educational advertisements on EconJobRumors?

EconJobRumors promotes posting of job listings, academic calls, conference announcements and other pertinent information by users in the appropriate forum.

Is moderation in place for discussions on EconJobRumors?

EconJobRumors has moderators who monitor conversations to guarantee that the forum abides by constructive and courteous behavior towards all participants.

Is it possible to participate in discussions without registering an account?

Although browsing discussions doesn’t require an account, in order to post comments, ask questions or initiate new threads you must create an account.

Does EconJobRumors exclusively cater to academic discussions?

EconJobRumors comprehensively discusses various subjects connected to economics and finance such as academic research, career guidance, market patterns, and others.

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