Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a limit to the amount of donations that can be raised?

    NGObrowser creates unlimited fundraising potential on a scale that has never been measured before. There is no limit to the fundraising potential for your organization. On average, one user who consistently uses our search solution (extension-installed) automatically generates about $5 per month. Imagine what your supporters, members and employees can do for your worthy cause. [~$5 per user x # of users = Monthly Donation].

  • Which countries are supported by NGObrowser?

    We currently support search queries in the following countries: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

  • Why is it free to use NGObrowser?

    We take a commission for our service. This means that advertisers pay us commission each time a search is made through our site and we pass at least 60% of this on to your good cause. We use this money to run NGObrowser to help you raise more, to enable our search-engine and browser-addons and of course to pay for other important elements of the business like our staff and research and development into improving the service we offer.

  • Which browsers are supported by NGObrowser?

    Desktop: Chrome, Firefox
    Mobile: iOS & Android

  • How can we raise more funds and increase donations?

    All of your supporters should install the browser addon for constant and consistent donations. They can also just bookmark the URL of your branded search engine and save it as their homepage. To get the attention of your users please promote your search engine URL within your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter Instagram etc.) and your website / blog / newsletters.

  • Who can use NGObrowser?

    Any good cause that needs to raise funds. We are an equal-opportunity supporter who helps schools, PTAs, sports clubs, scout and guide units, community groups, animal charities, local support groups and a wide range of other charities in all varieties of shapes and sizes.

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