Lovatts Cryptic Crosswords are a popular brain-teasing puzzle enjoyed by many. They stand out for being intriguing and challenging, offering a unique blend of wordplay, logic, and creativity. These puzzles are not just about filling in squares; they are a mental workout, sharpening your mind and vocabulary. This article aims to be your guide, helping you navigate the complex world of Lovatts cryptic crosswords. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your solving skills, our insights will assist you in unlocking the secrets of these captivating puzzles.

What Cryptic Crosswords Are?

Cryptic crosswords are a unique type of crossword puzzle that offer a more complex and nuanced challenge compared to standard crosswords. While standard crosswords ask for direct answers to straightforward clues, cryptic crosswords require solvers to unravel intricate clues that combine definitions with wordplay. This wordplay can include anagrams, homophones, charades, and other forms of linguistic trickery. Cryptic crosswords challenge solvers to decode clues, requiring both vocabulary and lateral thinking. They serve as a playground for the mind, where linguistic dexterity unlocks the puzzle’s secrets.

The History of Lovatts Puzzles

Lovatts Puzzles, founded by James Lovatt in 1978, originated from his vision to create engaging, high-quality puzzles that challenge and entertain solvers. Starting in his home country, Australia, Lovatt’s dedication to excellence quickly set a new standard in the crossword community. His innovative approach to puzzle design, focusing on the richness of language and the art of the cryptic, resonated with enthusiasts. Over the years, Lovatts evolved, embracing new styles and formats, yet always maintaining its commitment to quality. Today, Lovatts is synonymous with exceptional crossword puzzles, reflecting the founder’s enduring legacy in the puzzling world.

Anatomy of a Cryptic Clue

Cryptic crossword clues are meticulously crafted with components designed to guide and mislead you simultaneously. Understanding these components is crucial for solving the puzzles effectively. Here’s a breakdown of the typical structure of a cryptic clue:

Components of a Cryptic Clue

1. Definition:

Every cryptic clue includes a definition that directly refers to the answer, similar to a standard crossword clue. It’s usually positioned at the beginning or end of the clue. 

Example: In the clue “Unexpectedly rent a car (5),” “rent a car” is the definition for the answer ‘CRANE’.

2. Wordplay:

This is the heart of the cryptic clue, where solvers encounter various forms of linguistic trickery. The wordplay provides a different path to the same answer hinted at by the definition. 

Example: “Unexpectedly” signals an anagram in the clue above, indicating that the letters of “rent a” should be rearranged to form the answer.

3. Indicator:

Indicators are words or phrases that hint at the type of wordplay used, such as an anagram, homophone, or reversal. Recognizing these is key to deciphering the clue.

Example: In the previous example, “Unexpectedly” is the indicator suggesting that an anagram is involved.

Types of Cryptic Clues in Lovatts Puzzles

Lovatts puzzles feature a variety of cryptic clues, each with its unique challenge:

  1. Anagrams: These clues involve rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to form the answer, signaled by an indicator like “scrambled” or “mixed up.”


  1. Charades: Similar to the party game, these clues involve word parts being put together to form the answer, often indicated by words like “after” or “with.”


  1. Containers: Here, one word is put inside another to create the answer, indicated by phrases like “in” or “surrounding.”


  1. Reversals: These clues require reversing the letters of a word to find the answer, typically indicated by terms like “turned” or “about.”


  1. Homophones: Clues where words sounding like the answer are used, often highlighted by indicators like “we hear” or “aloud.”


  1. Double Definitions: These clues offer two different definitions of the same word, providing two paths to the same answer.


Solving Strategies for Lovatts Cryptic Crosswords

Lovatts Cryptic Crosswords

Mastering Lovatt’s cryptic crosswords requires a blend of strategy, patience, and practice. Here are some strategies and tips to help you decipher their cryptic clues, along with examples to illustrate the solving process.

  1. Identifying Clue Types

The first step is to identify the type of cryptic clue you’re dealing with. Look for keywords or indicators that hint at the clue’s structure:

  • Anagram clues often include words like “scrambled,” “mixed,” or “chaotic.”
  • Charade clues may use terms like “followed by” or “next to.”
  • Container clues could have indicators like “inside” or “surrounds.”
  • Reversal clues might include directions like “returning” or “overturned.”
  • Homophones are suggested by phrases like “sounds like” or “heard.”
  1. Common Solving Techniques

Below are some key points to consider, aimed at enhancing your solving skills:

  • Start with the definition: The definition is typically at the beginning or end of the clue. Identifying it can give you a solid starting point.
  • Look for the indicator: Pinpoint words that signal the type of wordplay used; this will guide your approach to the rest of the clue.
  • Consider the enumeration: The number of letters in the solution (provided in parentheses) is crucial for piecing together the answer.
  • Think laterally: Be open to interpreting the clue in unconventional ways, as cryptic clues often involve a play on words.
  1. Examples and Thought Processes

Anagram Example:

Clue: “Shocking price rise (6)”

Thought Process: The word “shocking” suggests an anagram. The answer is six letters, and “price rise” is the fodder. Rearranging “price” gives you “PRECIS,” which is a synonym for ‘summary’ (the definition).

Charade Example

Clue: “Leader of gangsters embraced by righteous lawyer (6)”

Thought Process: “Leader of gangsters” indicates the first letter “G,” and “righteous” could be “RIGHT.” The lawyer is often “ATTY.” Combining these gives you G + RIGHT + ATTY, leading to the solution “GRITTY,” which fits the clue’s surface meaning.

Reversal Example

Clue: “Go back on stage (4)”

Thought Process: “Go back” suggests a reversal. The word “stage” can be reversed to get “EGATS,” which is not a word, but “TAGE” (a segment of the word ‘stage’) reversed gives “EGAT,” which could suggest a backward solution like “GATE,” fitting the definition of “entryway.”

By applying these strategies and practicing regularly, you’ll develop an intuitive sense for Lovatt’s cryptic clues and enhance your crossword-solving skills. Remember, every cryptic crossword solved is a step towards mastering this artful and intellectually rewarding pastime.

Online Platforms for Lovatts Cryptic Crosswords

Key Forums and Social Media Groups

  • Reddit Crossword Community: A bustling hub where enthusiasts discuss clues, share solutions, and offer tips for Lovatts crosswords.
  • Crossword Solver Forum: A dedicated space for puzzle lovers to collaborate on solving Lovatts cryptic puzzles and share insights.
  • Facebook Lovatts Fans Group: An active community where members post challenges, solutions, and discuss various Lovatts crossword puzzles.
  • Twitter Puzzle Enthusiasts: A network of solvers tweeting hints, solving strategies, and completed puzzles from Lovatts.
  • Instagram Crossword Clues: A visual platform where users share snippets of Lovatts puzzles, solicit help, and celebrate victories in solving cryptic clues.

Lovatts’ Official Learning and Practice Resources

  1. Lovatts Website

The Lovatts website stands as a central hub for all crossword aficionados. It offers a vast array of cryptic crosswords ranging from beginner to expert levels, complete with hints, tips, and solutions. The site also offers tutorials and guides, which provide valuable insights into the art of solving cryptic puzzles. This makes it an ideal resource for both novices and seasoned solvers alike, catering to a diverse range of skill levels and interests.

  1.  Lovatts Magazines

Lovatts publishes a selection of crossword magazines that are treasure troves for puzzle enthusiasts. These magazines are filled with a variety of cryptic crosswords, catering to all skill levels. They serve as both practice tools and a source of fresh, challenging puzzles, catering to skill development and ongoing engagement. Each edition is designed to offer an enjoyable and stimulating puzzle-solving experience, ensuring there’s always a new challenge to tackle.


Lovatts Cryptic Crosswords are a mix of brainy fun and word play. They come from James Lovatt’s clever ideas and still entertain people around the world. By learning about cryptic clues and using smart ways to solve them, fans can figure out these tricky puzzles. Whether you’re new to solving or have experience, untangling each clue is both fun and helps your brain get smarter. So, enjoy solving these puzzles and have a great time!

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